Why post jobs on ProsperCity?


Gain access to diverse, talented candidates

Recruit from a larger pool of job seekers. Economists Ioana Marinescu and Ronald Wolthoff found that job openings with a posted wage received 7.8% more applications than those without wages. Experienced, mid-career professionals frequently report they will not apply for positions that do not list any salary information.

Reduce effort in the screening and hiring process

Employers often report job candidates withdraw their applications during the interview process after salary information is finally discussed. In some cases, this occurs after one or more interviews, which increases the burden on human resource professionals and wastes the time of all parties involved.

Contribute to creating equitable workplaces

Women in the United States are paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to men, amounting to an annual gender wage gap of $10,470. While 46% of men always negotiate following a job offer, just 30% of women do. Black and Hispanic workers of both sexes earn considerably less than White and Asian workers. 

Boost your brand

Society is evolving and trending toward a culture of openness and transparency. New regulations and laws are being enacted while social pressure increases to end workplace discrimination. Be part of a community of businesses and organizations driving change.

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