Here I am again with my favorite two words: thank you. At some point during the past 18 months, you joined the ProsperCity community as an employer, job seeker and/or supporter, agreeing to ride the tide of a brand new social venture determined to ensure pay equity for all.

This past spring we transitioned ProsperCity back into “private beta” to assess our product, services and market readiness. The team who brought ProsperCity to life—Dean, Laura, Mark, Libby, Sarah, Alex, Gloria, Emilia, Zeke and Kennedy⁠—are some of the best humans I know, and together we worked hard to evaluate, test, explore and re-imagine all of the possibilities.

The Final Decision

After considerable discussion with our team, advisors and mentors, as well as our leadership partners at Boly:Welch, we have decided to discontinue ProsperCity services as an online job marketplace.

What became clear during this rediscovery process is that our country isn’t ready for compensation transparency at this level yet. U.S. companies, nonprofits and even our potential investors are still wrestling with so many internal inequities, many of which evolved over decades and are woven deep into their institutional fabric.

Without a steady stream of national partners ready to take the leap now, our business model as a job marketplace centered on a cornerstone of transparency simply isn’t sustainable.

What’s Next?

If I had the personal armor for politics and lobbying, I’d say we band together and focus on passing laws that require greater compensation transparency. The cynic in me wonders if this is the only way we’ll actually achieve true pay equity in my lifetime.

While we continue to debate how best to solve this problem, ProsperCity’s website and social media presence as a job board will dissolve and/or be re-purposed, either into a nimble consulting firm focused on pay equity and inclusive hiring practices, or into something altogether brand new. As always, we’re open to your suggestions and ideas.

Whatever happens next, we’re committed to sticking together to make the world a better place. There is work to do and together is always better.

In solidarity,

Founder & CEO, ProsperCity


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