Some days we have so much to share with you, I am giddy with anticipation. Not unlike the feeling of being at Handsome Pizza and Seastar Bakery in NE Portland, awaiting a perfect brick oven pie to land on my plate. (Do you know about this company? It’s run by super humans and DiverseCity Pledge supporters.)

ProsperCity has been on the move. Better said, we’ve been busy sparking a movementI’ve been traveling from Portland to Austin to San Francisco, and today I am back in Portland for a hearty spell. As a bootstrapped company (for now), we spend our dollars very conservatively, but the perspective that comes from connecting with diverse groups of people around the country is truly priceless.

A floodgate is in front of us, and I sense it’s ready to open. What I know is that important changes to society can’t be held at bay too long, and equal pay is one those things.

Every culture changing movement in history requires change agents. When you look back at some of the most important victories and voices of our time, there is one consistent variable: humans are required to win human rights.

So, we’re glad you’re here. #togetherisbetter

Ready to start advocating for change? Check out this PEP Talk with Leslie Yan from Open Signal. It’ll put you on the #PayEquityPath stat. 

In solidarity,

Founder & CEO, ProsperCity

Image credit: Art and font created by the Martin Agency to honor Equal Pay Day in 2018.

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