Whoa Team!

It’s official, I just graduated from Founder Gym, a San Francisco-based training program for underrepresented founders who are ready to raise money to scale their tech startups! (Yep, that’s me in the lower right corner, sporting woven courage from Portland’s ‘badass’ clothier, Wildfang.)

The initial application process last fall was highly competitive, and the real-time, toolkit-building experience was equally challenging. Not since completing Seth Godin’s altMBA program in 2017 have I spent six (delirious) weeks spinning so many plates while consuming so much valuable information. *mind blown*

Alongside 21 diverse founders who live in 15 cities in 4 countries, we learned from expert trainers, super successful founders, and venture capitalists (VCs). I also honed my verbal ‘public pitching’ skills standing next to a two-minute buzzer.

Wait, so does this mean ProsperCity is about to raise money, scale more rapidly, and expand nationally, so that it can truly achieve its mission? Yes, yes, and yes.

Over the next many months, our team will hustle to raise what they call a seed round of funding. For ProsperCity, this means gathering investments to the tune of $1MM total from diverse, values-driven VCs (they do exist, I promise).

Once raised, we’ll hire additional staff, improve our technology product, launch a marketing campaign, and set the foundation for a national, culture-changing company.

In other words, ProsperCity is gearing up to fully fulfill its pay equity promise:

We are going to end salary discrimination, close the gender wage gap, and diversify workplace teams.

During the weeks ahead, we’ll introduce you to our diverse team, and also launch the Inclusive Leader’s Path to Pay Equity blog series, featuring one of our favorite pay equity champions, Abby Engers from Boly:Welch.
Cheers to being on this journey together!

#PayEquity #TogetherIsBetter

Looking forward,

Founder & CEO, ProsperCity

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