Posting salary. It may seem simple, but it’s part of a broader, more nuanced conversation of pay equity. The popularity of websites like GlassDoor and PayScale show that job seekers want to know the market rate for a position, and what they should (or could) be making.  Recent research by LinkedIn shows salary is among the first thing a prospective employee looks for when they review a job posting. In the study, 450 users were asked to review a sample posting, which produced a heat map indicating where their attention was focused. The hottest spot? Pay and benefits. We know now that diverse teams make better decisions, which positively affects outcomes for the company and its employees. If more businesses and organizations clarified their compensation structures and worked toward greater pay transparency, what might be possible?   Let’s Find Out Together Throughout the coming year, our team at ProsperCity will shine a light on the brave business leaders who are doing their part to close wage gaps and end salary discrimination.  To do this, we are launching a blog series that illuminates practical steps and tips for cultivating more inclusive workplaces, with a special focus on pay equity. You’ll hear from small businesses, large companies, nonprofits, and certified B Corps across the country. These leaders walk the talk in real time, connecting the dots between pay equity and prosperity in their workplaces everyday. They operationalize their company’s values. They cultivate cultures of belonging. The ripple effect of their actions are wide.    Nominate a Pay Equity Champion Do you know someone who is making bold moves to advocate for and/or ensure pay equity in the workplace? Maybe a colleague? Boss? Board member? Community leader? Friend? You? If so, take 30 seconds to nominate yourself or another inclusive leader by clicking the button below. After your form is received, we’ll reach out to the nominee with a personal invitation to take part in our blog series. (Participation is 100% optional.)

Thank you for joining us on the Inclusive Leader’s Path to Pay Equity.

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